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Vipra Infotech’s media and entertainment practice is built on a DNA of digital engineering and deep industry domain expertise. Our customers are 100% referenceable, something that we attribute to our consistent track record and the level of attention we bring into each relationship. Clients love the flexibility and value we are able to offer. You will too!

We leverage our strong digital engineering heritage and consulting-led approach to accelerate business outcomes.

We provide targeted services and solutions to bridge our clients’ journeys across the digital divide. With over 25 global media and entertainment customers, we have built the scale while always staying agile.

Media & Entertainment Segments

Digital News Agencies

Adoption of solutions such as automated production, on-the-go content consumption, and access to premium content has been prevalent among news agencies and publishing enterprises. As the pressure thrives in the face of technological disruption, companies need to utilize innovation as a service to better align their content offerings with complex consumer demands.

Digital news agencies need to maintain an extensive focus on creating new omni-channel customer experiences to provide lasting impressions. This means adopting technologies that increase audience engagement through targeted content delivery for improving customer intimacy and implementing effective approaches to managing media assets.

Cable networks

New media disruptors (Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix) are applying pressure on the traditional media and entertainment ecosystem. In addition, consumption and demographic changes (including cord cutting, over-the-top (OTT) platform adoption, and millennial maturing) have accelerated changes to traditional media go-to-market models.

Cable networks are in a transformative phase. Traditional organizations tend to have too many versions of who their customers are, what products they have purchased and what price they paid. The ability to surface and rationalize their customer, pricing, and product masters will provide the basic understanding necessary to drive significant changes. CIOs of these organizations are under increasing pressure to ensure that their technology infrastructure and capabilities are nimble and ready for these new market opportunities, to have better customer understanding.

Multiple system operators & multichannel video programming developers

Cable multi system operators (MSOs) have undergone a major digital transformation from simple TV distribution to personalized bundles of quad-play services, placing great strain on their legacy back-office systems. Now, industry consolidation and intense competition from over-the-top (OTT) players is forcing them to innovate around mobility, cloud-based applications, and connected homes. Additionally, advanced competitors such as Apple and Amazon are making them provide a far richer customer experience.

Vipra Infotech's digital engineering and transformation solutions help MSOs simplify their network architecture and deliver greater process automation for their orchestration platforms. Leveraging our innovation frameworks, we empower MSOs with advanced analytics and customer insights, accelerating system migrations to next-generation platforms, and modernizing new services delivery platforms. Our AI-driven business process automation solutions help MSOs improve performance significantly through consolidated customer views and proactive service management. We ensure that you have the bandwidth and service scalability that is essential to embrace new markets and improve business agility.


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