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Innovative, Digital Transformation Technology for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Logistics operators play a significant role in managing the supply chain between manufacturers and retailers. Operators in the highly competitive Logistics industry are grappling with rising operating costs and increasing demands from customers. Almost everyone is embracing innovative, new digital transformation technology to stay ahead of the competition.

We help streamline operation and harness the power of digital to achieve higher margins and increased profitability.

Transportation and Logistics Segments

Logistics & shipping

Shipping and logistics providers are riding the high seas of economic turbulence. As the lifeline of the supply chain industry, operators need to perfect the orchestration between manufacturing and final delivery. The changing environment and uncertain pace of growth add complexity to this role. Mergers and acquisitions have increased in the industry as operators seek to maximize efficiencies from combined operations while also creating a niche offering of innovative industry-specific solutions.

We harness the power of digital transformation to help shipping and logistics operators achieve higher margins and increased profitability. We enable operators to streamline processes across stakeholders through differentiated solutions that leverage leading-edge technologies such as IoT, edge computing, and cloud computing. Our automation-led approach to business transformation helps operators improve service efficiencies.

Rail networks

Rail networks are seeing a major uptick due to increased demand for cost-effective shipping options and greater environmental awareness about the effects of using certain ways of transportation. Rail networks, both passenger, and cargo, present some of the most complex transportation problems – integration of data flow from various systems such as trains, tracks, signaling, maintenance, stations, underground passages, and over-bridges. While many companies are able to handle these problems on a day-to-day basis, they need to do more to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Vipra Infotech’s deep industry knowledge combined with our expertise in data and analytics helps exploit data across the network for predictive outcomes and better capacity planning. Our industry-specific leading-edge technology solutions help providers achieve maximum network efficiency and asset utilization.


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